Here you will find various recordings of Harry’s own songs, written and recorded by him over the years…

She Feels All Right With Me by Harry Baldwin

Harry says “This is one of my earlier songs. It was written in the summer of 1983 while my then girlfriend (now my wife) was away on holiday in Gran Canaria. I used her Amstrad stereo music system with twin cassette decks, bouncing tracks from one deck to the other. Consequently, there was quite a bit of noise build up. I have recently cleaned up the recording using a piece of software called Audacity. I used my Hofner President guitar and my WEM Copicat echo unit. The idea was to produce something with the guitar feel of The Shadows and the vocal feel of The Beach Boys. It’s a simple song but my wife still likes it!

He adds “I recently entered this song into the UK Songwriting Contest (July 2011). It almost made it to the semi-finals with a “Commended Entry” award.

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