A revamped and yet brand new project, known as Xfire, starts with a bang

From mid January through to the end of March this year saw a heavy spell of rehearsing for the band

The first batch of gigs starts at the very end of the month

Have a look at the gigs page for all the details

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Current State of the Nation

Solo work still plodding along nicely

Mid Life Crisis still plodding along nicely

The Matchless is getting a revamp and is being brought back to life – exciting!

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New PA

In developing my solo work I have decided to ditch the traditional PA system that I relied on for so many years in favour of a newer technology.

I say “newer” in the knowledge that it is actually something developed in the 1950s but only recently making its way into the solo PA market, and that is line array speakers.

The new PA is an LD Systems MAUI 5 line array.

Check it out on my “Gear” page.

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New Keyboard

I have used my two Roland keyboards for quite a few years now. However, what with the increasing demand for solo work, I have added a brand new Yamaha PSR-S950.

Check out my new toy on the “Gear” page.

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New Projects

I really cannot understand the nature of fate. One minute you’re sailing along in one direction thinking things can’t get better. Then, suddenly, they get better!

The songwriting is going from strength to strength. I’ve also got a few more songs going in to both UK and USA songwriting competitions. Fingers crossed!

I even had a small role in a music video. Just waiting for the director to pull his finger out and get the thing edited and finished!

And last but not least the solo endeavour is picking up nicely too! It really does appeal to me on many levels.

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Hello 2014

Well, that’s 2013 over. 82 gigs during the course of the year. I slept for far too many hours on New Year’s Day to let my body catch up!

Thanks to all my friends and family for the ongoing support; it is greatly appreciated.

Here’s to 2014, more gigs and better fortunes!

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New Amen Corner

Well, as it’s now official I suppose I can tell you the news… I am joining New Amen Corner on keys, guitar and vocals!

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End Of Year Update

“Thank you to all those who supported me during 2012, to all the venues that booked me and my bands, to all the bands I was able to help and of course to my friends and family. Here’s to an even better 2013!”

As 2012 draws to a close things are looking busy for Harry in 2013 as he…

  • revamps the complete set list for The Matchless
  • goes solo in January
  • continues to deputise for The Midnight Movers
  • plays with the Marrs Bar House Band at their Wednesday jam nights
  • writes more songs for various contests
  • teaches keyboards
  • continues to provide sound reinforcement for a number of local bands
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    The Matchless Mobile Site

    The Matchless has a new mobile phone web site. Visit m.wix.com/hbaldwin62/thematchless.

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    UK Songwriting Contest – Update

    Harry recently submitted his song “She Feels All Right With Me” to the UK Songwriting Contest. The results were announced on 1 September 2011. The song was awarded a “Commended Entry”. It was regarded as a borderline semi-finalist score and so indicates that the song nearly made it into the semi-finals. Better luck next year!

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    Harry’s “Project”, The Matchless, Sets Worcester On Fire

    Harry’s special “project” finally came to fruition this month with the formation of The Matchless, playing covers and their own self-penned material. Taking the best local exponent of each instrument and fronting them all with the best female vocalist in the region. Playing great songs that other band’s would fear to tackle.

    As soon as news leaked out that the band had had its first rehearsal, venues and promoters were already booking them. The band’s first public appearance will be at The Marrs Bar Jam Night on Wednesday 21 September 2011.

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    International Songwriting Competition

    Harry submitted his song “She Feels All Right With Me” to the International Songwriting Competition. Results are expected in February 2012. Watch this space.

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    UK Songwriting Contest

    Harry submitted his song “She Feels All Right With Me” to the UK Songwriting Contest. Results are expected in September 2011. Watch this space.

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    Blind Lemon and More Charity Work

    The Worcester News carried a follow up story on this item.

    The Worcester News highlights more charity work by Blind Lemon, this time in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association.

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    Blind Lemon at Drummonds

    The Worcester News mentions Blind Lemon’s fifteen year run appearing at Drummonds Bar.

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    Messing About On The River

    The Kidderminster Shuttle mentions Blind Lemon’s participtation in the Kidderminster Canal Festival.

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    More Fund Raising

    The Kidderminster Shuttle mentions the ongoing fund raising activities of Blind Lemon.

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    Bridge Bash Festival

    An article in the local rag, the Worcester News, highlights a big gig for Blind Lemon at the Bridge Bash Fesitval and features the “new boy”!

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    Blind Lemon

    The Kidderminster based covers band Blind Lemon found themselves in need of a good keyboard player. They heard about Harry and asked him to audition. Against stiff competition Harry was offered the position and joined the band at the start of April 2010. With just three rehearsals under his belt Harry was thrown in at the deep end with his first Blind Lemon gig on Saturday 8 May 2010 at Keystones, Worcester.

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    Ben Waters

    Harry jams with one of the world’s best Boogie Woogie pianists, Ben Waters.

    A visit to the Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival brought Harry together with one of the world’s most accomplished Boogie Woogie pianists, Ben Waters. Ben was appearing at the Crown Hotel, Nantwich on Saturday 3 April 2010 as part of the festival. Harry was in the audience and at the interval he took the opportunity to chat with Ben about his music and his technique (mainly “left hand patterns”). Ben offered to chat further with Harry at the end of the night. Ben kept his word and soon Harry and Ben were dueling on the piano in front of most of the audience who were still milling around. It wasn’t long before the room filled with applause as the two finished their little “mess around”. “It was an absolute pleasure to meet someone of Ben’s caliber, to see how he played and to pick up a few tips” said Harry afterwards.

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