Ben Waters

Harry jams with one of the world’s best Boogie Woogie pianists, Ben Waters.

A visit to the Nantwich Jazz, Blues and Music Festival brought Harry together with one of the world’s most accomplished Boogie Woogie pianists, Ben Waters. Ben was appearing at the Crown Hotel, Nantwich on Saturday 3 April 2010 as part of the festival. Harry was in the audience and at the interval he took the opportunity to chat with Ben about his music and his technique (mainly “left hand patterns”). Ben offered to chat further with Harry at the end of the night. Ben kept his word and soon Harry and Ben were dueling on the piano in front of most of the audience who were still milling around. It wasn’t long before the room filled with applause as the two finished their little “mess around”. “It was an absolute pleasure to meet someone of Ben’s caliber, to see how he played and to pick up a few tips” said Harry afterwards.

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