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Current State of the Nation

Solo work still plodding along nicely Mid Life Crisis still plodding along nicely The Matchless is getting a revamp and is being brought back to life – exciting!

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New PA

In developing my solo work I have decided to ditch the traditional PA system that I relied on for so many years in favour of a newer technology. I say “newer” in the knowledge that it is actually something developed in the 1950s but only recently making its way into the solo PA market, and […]

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New Keyboard

I have used my two Roland keyboards for quite a few years now. However, what with the increasing demand for solo work, I have added a brand new Yamaha PSR-S950. Check out my new toy on the “Gear” page.

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New Projects

I really cannot understand the nature of fate. One minute you’re sailing along in one direction thinking things can’t get better. Then, suddenly, they get better! The songwriting is going from strength to strength. I’ve also got a few more songs going in to both UK and USA songwriting competitions. Fingers crossed! I even had a […]

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