Harry Lee Baldwin is an experienced keyboardist, guitarist, bass guitarist, singer and award-winning songwriter

He has played keyboards for…

He has appeared in various shows and tours with…

He has played in such bands as…

  • Amen Corner
  • The Beaky Band
  • Blind Lemon
  • Love Affair
  • The Marrs Bar House Band
  • Mid Life Crisis
  • The Midnight Movers
  • The Muleskinner Blues Band
  • Soul Survivors
  • The Whoo
  • Xfire
  • Young Gifted Liars

He currently performs as a solo artiste, with the band Xfire, and as a guest with numerous other artistes and bands

You will find in the pages of this site all there is to know about Harry and his music, the history, what’s happening right now, where he’s performing, together with photos, videos and recordings of his music

You should get a good idea of just how much music means to him; it’s his way of life!

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